About Kim Biggs Design

Decorating homes has been a favorite pastime since I was a little girl.  While rearranging my room during time-outs was fun, building entire houses for Barbie was the best!  Yes, my parents bought me the Barbie Dream House with string elevator but the Barbie houses that real dreams were made of had walls of James Taylor and Iron Maiden album covers from my Dad's collection.  I turned match boxes into bedside tables, fabric scraps into fancy bedding and once, to my Mother's dismay, I used an entire book of stamps to create an eclectic art wall in the study of my demanding client, business-woman Barbie.

Using creativity and ingenuity to achieve my clients' goals still comes naturally.  I have built a business around my philosophy that anyone can have beautiful, personalized spaces regardless of budget...even if it means using album covers and stamps for interesting art!